Monday, July 30, 2012

Paris Metro Pollen des Fleurs & Stars Mabelline Roseberry set

A mermaid style dress so close fitting throughout the bodice down over the hips to about mid calf,at mid calf the skirt flares out and the backside allures even more, mermaid dresses are so known for adding curves to a figure so why don't you show off yours and let the world know how confident  you feel on those curves and complement  as well the dress with this Rose berry jewels set that will enhance every inch of your sexy self.

Dress. Paris Metro:
 Stars Jewels:
photo shooting location: Angel Temple

Saturday, July 28, 2012

VM Cage Gown Blue

So elegant and classy dress with a Roman empire look that will transport you to a lucious moment in time,you will enjoy looking glam and sexy with this gown, It has a low neck top with luxurious details framing the bustline and a loose A shape skirt that will fall down over your long legs showing the best out of you,the textures are so real you for sure will want to feel them all ....

Dress VM:
photo shooting location:

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hommage Style to Vero Modero

I have put together this gown style out of 3 amazing VM dresses,i used the sexy top from Cover dress in black,the gorgeous skirt from Nuray Knit Gown and the belt from Nokta dress,so i hope you do enjoy this small token of admiration from me towards Bouquete Babbii's amazing creative mind in Vero Modero. 

photo shooting location: VERO MODERO STORE

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Vero Modero Ephesus Bridal Gown

This is a perfect fit for classic girls who love the glamour of yesterday years, complete with feminine lace,a Full skirt with form fitting bodice that cinch the waist make these bridal gown and the brides who wears it a  sight to behold, the sweetheart neckline with a gorgeous pearl necklace add both flirty flair and delicate femininity to these wedding day look and the sexy cut on the back makes it just the right choice, the beautiful veil will make everyone dream,being the perfect frame for your happy face,so let this wedding gown steal your heart as your groom already has....

Dress VM:
Jewels Desing by Sebastian DBS:
Photo shooting Location:

Monday, July 9, 2012

Morea Style Typhen Exotic Flowers Turquoise

A romantic flower printed set with a  top full of body with long flowy details on its sleeves and the lower side of the top, very cute details that will atract you from the first time you lay eyes on it,also comes with matching turquoise flower printed pants in black giving you two options, either with the lower pants details or the boot version;to enhance the whole outfit it has a beautiful belt in the same pattern that just make it all perfect,and just when you thought you  couldnt ask for more,you realize this set also includes a matching necklace and a headband.

Outfit Morea Style:
Photo Shooting Location: